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Ship Quality


To become a leader in our chosen field of Ship Management, & Shipping Agency Services.

We will upgrade the quality objectives needed to meet requirements for service realization at relevant functions and levels within the organization


Ship Quality Policy

We are committed to provide the high quality and cost - effective quality services in the field of "Ship" Management & Shipping Agency Services" to all our valued customers, ensuring value for their money and customer Satisfaction.

We are committed to comply with the requirements and continual improvement System.

We review the suitability of quality policy and quality objectives periodically and ensure it is communicated and understood within the organization.

Ship Safety


    Ship Safety Policy
  1. Being a member of National Safety Council (NSC) we give highest importance for Safety of Human & National Resources.
  2. Complying with applicable Flag & Port state legislations, other requirements, as applicable in respect of environment and OH&S as those applicable to quality aspects of our service.
  3. Identifying all relevant hazards to the safety, health and security, assessing the risks and establishing safeguards against all identified hazards threats and risks.
  4. Ensuring that adequate attention is paid towards selection and career development of shore-based and shipboard personnel, with a view to ensure that all responsible persons are fully competent to perform the task that they are entrusted with.
  5. Continually enhancing the safety management skills of personnel ashore and on-board ships including preparing for emergencies related to safety, protection of environment and security.
  6. Monitoring the health standards of employees working in the shore-based offices and on-board the ships.
  7. Continually improving the performance and effectiveness of our quality, environmental and OH&S management systems.
  8. Preventing all types of pollution of sea by oil, garbage, sewage and other harmful substances.
  9. Reducing air accidents, illnesses, damages, losses and deficiencies in our services.

RECRUITMENT OBJECTIVE : To Provide Right Person - At Right Place - And At Right Time



  1. No fees for recruitment to seafarers.
  2. Seafarer's personal date/documents and other details are kept safely & confidentially.
  3. No biased discrematory policy based on race, colour, sex, religion, national extraction or social origin while recruiting.
  4. We confirm that repatriation of stranded seafarers, his maintenance and the transportation of mortal remains of the expired seafarers to his home will be incorporated in the contract of employment of our principals.
  5. The contracts of employment shall be governed under the maritime labour law of principal's nationality.
  6. For any grievance the seafarer can approach the master of the vessel/ ship's owners, if same not attended, they can approach us on our contact details provided in the contract of employment as manning agents, failing which they can approach the Director General of Shipping, Mumbai.
  7. RPSL License
  8. In case of any grievance redressal mechanism it should be obligatory on the company to examine and respond to any complaint concerning their activities and advise the Director General of Shipping.
  9. In case of death or disability of any seafarers on board, our agency will be liable to inform the concerned government authorities and the seafarer's next of kin within forty eight hours of such death and disability.
  10. Documents of all the seafarers recruited through our agency, will be maintained for the period of five years.
  11. The original documents of the seafarers as and when required by us shall be safely stored and receipt of the same shall be provided to the seafarers.
  12. On filing application for placement through our agency, seafarer  will be given acknowledgement to state that he is aware of full style address and license number & expiry date of license.

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